African Bronze Honey comes from a miombo forest in Zambia

It's not just Natural... It's Wild!


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African Bronze Honey

We are a certified B Corp that works with beekeeping projects in Africa to market and Value Add their sustainably harvested, organic, forest honey. Our goal is to support beekeepers who protect pristine forest environments and create economic opportunity for themselves and their families. 

Empowerment in a bottle.

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What People are Saying...

Bee bold... Bee Brave... 

Our customers tell us...


This is one of the best dark honey's I have ever tried. And as far as I can tell, it is the only organic, fair trade African honey to be found in Canada. Wonderful on a spoon, or in my tea or coffee, this honey takes me back to my childhood in East Africa. If you love honey for more than its sweetness, I urge you to give this a try. Customer service and shipping are topnotch, and Paul is super responsive to emails. I will definitely be ordering more.

Robert Ganz


This is the best honey I have ever tasted. It is so dark and rich; it reminds me of treacle or molasses. If you enjoy strongly flavoured honeys, you will LOVE this!

Keirsten Wyatt


This honey is unlike any I’ve tried. I collect honey, therefore have a wide palate when it comes to taste. It is a dark, full bodied honey. It is exactly as described. Sweet, caramel/molasses like in texture. It is thick and rich. In the description, it says “smoky”, don’t let that stop you. It does not taste like the smokiness you’d find in meat. Once you try some, you’ll be ordering this unique honey over and over again. Oh.. and did I mention... customer service is prompt, friendly, and willing to help in any way. In closing, you just can’t go wrong with African Bronze Honey Products.

Andrea A.

My family loves raw and unfiltered wild honey however this is absolutely the most unique honey we’ve ever tried. The taste is bold and robust, but it’s fantastically different. We purchased 17 pouches knowing we were supporting bee keepers in Africa. We will definitely be gifting some to family and friends who love raw honey. Thank you


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The Story Behind Our Story...

Twenty years ago, Zambian Canadian eco-entrepreneur, Dan Ball went into a remote part of Africa to help a few dozen struggling beekeepers sell their honey. He said, “I can help you, let’s start a business.” Today, Dan has trained over 6000 beekeepers.

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