What is Forest Honey?

African Bronze Honey is different from the honey you find in grocery stores. It’s raw, unpasteurized, organic honey from the forest that comes from wilderness areas and national parks. This is what honey used to be before agriculture! And it’s why the Ancient Greeks called forest honey, “food for the gods”.

Our forest honey’s unique floral taste comes from honeydew, a sugary liquid (like nectar) that derives from sap. Tree dwelling insects like aphids produce a nutrient rich concentrated honeydew nectar that bees ‘steal’ whenever they find it. It’s what makes forest honey so remarkably different from processed honey!

And that’s why we don’t sell our honey in little bears. We just sell real honey, the way it was produced for millennia.

Wild, raw, and completely untamed!

  • USDA Organic certified honey
  • Fair trade federation member
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  • Forest Honey

  • Wild Bees

  • Regenerative

  • Grows Forests

  • Carbon Offset

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Our Honey Is

✔️ Not just raw, unpasteurized and organic... it's also wild.

✔️ Gathered from African savannah forests and made by wild bees.

✔️ What honey used to be like before we tamed and processed it.

✔️ A robust flavour profile like no other in the world, taste the wild!

✔️ Full of notes of whisky, caramel, wild forest flowers, and treacle.

✔️ So full of honey flavour, you will use less and get more taste.

✔️ Honey for grownups... except kids love it too!

  • Organic

  • Gluten Free

  • Raw & Unpasturized

  • No Artificial Ingredients

  • Sustainable Incomes

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What Can I Use This Amazing Honey For?

✔️ Make delicious wines, beers and mead

✔️ Create salad dressings, sauces and marinades

✔️ Use it as a natural sweetener in drinks - coffee, tea, or lemonade

✔️ Sweeten your morning smoothies, yogurt and granola

✔️ Great in bread and cake recipes

✔️ Enjoy as a spread on toast, muffins, pancakes and waffles

✔️ Drizzle it on pizza for a sweet and savoury taste

✔️ Use it as an ice cream topping and make a sundae out of this world

✔️ Make your cheese and charcuterie pairings shine

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