Meet Liz & Paul

Canadian entrepreneurs, Liz and Paul, spent nearly 10 years in southern Africa trying to make a difference through a variety of creative business ventures. During that time, they saw that most projects designed to make change, simply did not. Enter Zambian-Canadian Dan Ball: a mission driven ecopreneur who had an idea to make a quickly deforested wilderness area into a regenerative economic hub, by beekeeping in one of the most remote forests on the planet.

Dan suggested they could participate in this "no cell phone, no roads, no pay, no hot tubs" venture. Paul and Liz politely declined and went back to Canada. Little did they know that Dan would be back... and so would they.

African Bronze Honey Is Born

10 years later… Dan is visiting Canada and calls up Liz and Paul for a coffee. The beekeeping project that was started in the bush (with no roads and no cell phones) is now producing over 800 tonnes of honey annually and supporting the lives of 6000 beekeepers, with over 3000 people waiting to be trained. Dan's humble beekeeping project had become the largest exporter of honey in Africa.

Would Paul and Liz be interested in introducing this delicious unknown nectar to North America?

And buy 28,000 bottles of honey?

To be delivered in the middle of a freezing Canadian Thanksgiving?

No was not an option, but YES set the next 10 years in motion.

A Sweet Timeline


African Bronze Honey earnestly begins to sell the 28,000 bottles of honey to schools and fundraising groups while sharing the story of African forest honey and the beekeepers that protect the wild bees.


In 2014 African Bronze Honey becomes a member of the Fair Trade Federation leading to becoming B Corp certified in recognition of their commitment to making change through business. And later were named Best For The World Changemakers three years in a row.


African Bronze becomes certified organic by ECOCERT and a CFIA licensed food manufacturing facility. Bringing new opportunities for product development and a commitment to offering better food to North America!


Liz and Paul decide to close the loop and build their own CFIA licensed food manufacturing facility where they create value-added, organic honey products in Cardinal, Ontario. Bringing sustainable jobs and wild forest honey to a beautiful Ontario town.

Beekeeper Walking into Miombo Forest


Over 10,000 beekeepers in Zambia are trained to protect the bees and earn millions of dollars annually. Similar projects across the continent have used the model to start their own beekeeping groups, including a growing project in Tanzania.


Realizing that their goals to make change were bigger and bolder than ever. In 2021 something began brewing and a name change was on the horizon...

10,000 Beekeepers was decided on as the new company moniker. In recognition of the number of beekeepers in Zambia that, to this day, continue growing.

Raw forest honey in reusable mason jars


Along with adding new delicious , organic products to the roster, 10,000 Beekeepers makes a momentus decision to move to completely recyclable, repurposable glass packaging.


Today African Bronze Honey sells wild, organic, forest honey through e-commerce, retail and bulk channels and their honey has been featured in food, beverage, beauty, and health products across North America.

African Bronze now works with beekeeping projects in Zambia and Tanzania. Incredibly, the Tanzanian forest has grown by 3% and over 200,000 tonnes of carbon has been reduced annually by forest beekeeping alone.

Proudly celebrating our 10th year of being a B Corp!

  • USDA Organic certified honey
  • Fair trade federation member
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