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Beehive Candle Bundle 12 Pack

Beehive Candle Bundle 12 Pack

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This set of 12 hand-poured candles are crafted from 100% African beeswax, shaped like mini beehives, and infuse any space with a soothing, clean honey scent. Each candle offers up to 5 hours of burn time, leaving behind no residue.

How To Use:

Perfect for adding a touch of warmth to your outdoor space or creating a buzz of relaxation. 

Additional Info:

Burn with care. Never leave a burning candle unattended. Use a plate or candle holder to minimize wax drippings.

More Honey Facts!

  • Infants under one year of age should not be fed unpasteurized honey.
  • All-natural honey will crystallize. To liquefy, heat in warm water to 45C/115F.
  • Our new glass jar is 100% re-purposable for an infinite number of possible uses. Designed to be re-used!
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  • USDA Organic certified honey
  • Fair trade federation member

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