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Beehive Candle - 5 hour burn

These little candle hives are hand poured in Canada from a blend of organic African and natural Canadian wax, they burn for 5 hours each and fill your house with a beautiful honey scent! Light a candle for sustainability and empowerment on your dinner table! Beeswax burns clean with no residue, in fact they help clean the air. Did you know that a bloom or haze on the candle wax tells you that it is pure beeswax.

King Bee Says, "Yes, they have a 5-hour burn time!"


  • Burn with care.
  • Never leave a burning candle unattended.
  • Use and plate or candle holder to minimize wax drippings.



    100% Zambian and Canadian Beeswax.


    • A white-ish bloom or haze on the candle wax indicates that it is pure beeswax.

     Made in CanadaHand poured in Canada.


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