Meet Our Team


Paul and Liz co-founded ABHCo after having lived in southern Africa for 8 years. In 2012, they were presented with the opportunity to market this amazing honey that saves forests. So, they purchased 28,000 bottles and started selling. Creating the African Bronze Honey Company was the perfect opportunity to use their skills, talents and passion for making the world a better place by doing business.

Liz is President of the African Bronze Honey Company.  Paul is the Managing Director, aka the King Bee.


Dorianne is our Office Administrator. She is responsible for a million and one tasks that help African Bronze Honey run smoothly. Dorianne assists with customer orders, logistics and is an all-around keeper of data. She is a hugely important part of the ABHCo hive!


In the evenings, Dorianne enjoys spending time by the river, watching the local wildlife with her family.   


Joseph is the Production and Logistics Coordinator here at African Bronze Honey. He is responsible for making sure your order is bee-utifully prepared and shipped to you on time! Joseph also tracks our inventory to make sure we are well stocked for all your orders. Joseph works from our repurposed 1877 church building in Cardinal, ON.


In his free time, Joseph enjoys taking his wonderful dog, Ford, for big walks on their own little adventures.  


Olivia is African Bronze Honey’s Marketing Specialist. She is passionate about her role working for a B Corp and FTF member company, and is motivated to help make the world of business a better place. Olivia is behind the bee-utiful content you see on our Instagram, Facebook and other social media accounts.  


She’s also a cook with great ideas that she shares on our social media! Check out @africanbhoney.  


Chris is our Business Development / Sales Specialist. Chris works with retailers across North America to get our honey in stores that are close to you. Let Chris know if you have a favourite store where you’d love to see our honey products!


In his spare time, Chris enjoys hiking and working out.



Stephanie is the Business Development intern with African Bronze Honey. She came to ABHCo through the Mitacs program as a Business Strategy Intern. Stephanie has been doing a ton of important research to help ABHCo with some exciting business developments. Stephanie also works on our sales team. 


A fun fact about Stephanie is that she loves ceviche and her heritage is indigenous Peruvian!  


Sara is the newest addition to the ABHCo team, and works as our Marketing Assistant. She helps to create engaging and innovative content for our social media platforms and website.


Sara loves bees ever since she spent childhood summers in Poland, where she would help her uncle with his apiary.