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Rap Wraps - Pack of 4 different beeswax food wraps

Our hand made beeswax food wraps are a fair trade, plastic free, alternative to food storage. These little multi-purpose wraps can help you ditch the plastic habit. Each pack comes with 4 sizes for all your food storage needs. You'll also get a selection of reusable, wax-infused twist ties in each package.

King Bee says, "These wraps are practical and bee-utiful!"

Each unique design is hand printed on 100% cotton fabric by women's projects in southern Africa. Each fabric square is infused with our organic beeswax, a dash of resin and cold-pressed organic Shea butter. These wraps are reusable, biodegradable and breathable. They'll keep your fruits and vegetables, cheese, bread and leftovers fresh for days. 


  • Each package contains
    • Small (15 cm x 15 cm)
    • Medium (25 cm x 25 cm)
    • Large (30 cm x 30 cm)
    • Extra Large (36 cm x 36 cm)
    • Twist ties - 8 ties of varying lengths 


  • Place over a bowl, plate or jar and press the edges to the container. The warmth of your hand will encourage the fabric to stick, protecting your foods and keeping them fresh. 
  • Wrap prepared or cut fruits and vegetables, sticking fabric edges together.
  • When needed, wash with cold water, and if needed a small amount of eco-friendly dish soap. Air dry and fold gently, store in a dry place until next use.
  • With proper handling, these wraps can last six months or more. 
  • Do not wash with hot water.
  • Do not use with meats.
  • Rap Wraps are biodegradable, so when they no longer hold their stick, you can compost, repurpose or recycle.


Cotton fabric, Organic beeswax, Pine resin, Shea butter, .


  • Rap Wrap packaging is biodegradable/recyclable.
  • Wrap a half an onion, keep it in the fridge and it keeps the smell from permeating your fridge
  • Keep a half a lemon for days without it going soft or mouldy.

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