* Pair of Pillar Candles - Bundle

Buy a pillar or two for any special occasion or give the gift of light to someone you love. Get in the sustainable spirit and fill your house the smell of honey and beeswax! These pillars come in an attractive gift box and are hand poured using organic African forest beeswax. They burn for 40 hours each. Light a candle for sustainability and empowerment! Beeswax burns clean with no residue, in fact they help clean the air. Did you know that a bloom or haze on the candle tells you that it is pure beeswax.

  • Burn with care.
  • Never leave a burning candle unattended.
  • Use a plate or candle holder to minimize wax drippings.


    100% African Forest Beeswax.


    • A white-ish bloom or haze on the candle wax indicates that it is pure beeswax.

    Made in Canada.


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    happy African beekeeper showing his honey harvest

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