African Honey and Hibiscus Tea Bundle

Honey and Hibiscus are a great duo. Both are packed with antioxidants and great flavor.

Our Hibiscus is a delicious and beautiful red flower tea. Studies show Hibiscus can significantly reduce blood pressure, lower cholesterol and has strong anti-cancer properties. Hand-picked by the women of Maama Watali in Uganda. Drink hot or cold and sweeten with a little bit of African Bronze Honey.

Our African forest honey is gathered using traditional and sustainable methods from deep in the remote, pristine national park forests of Tanzania. This is a full-flavored, multi-floral, tropical, honeydew forest honey, full of the flavors and scents of the miombo forest. It is Africa.

  • Produced by wild forest bees and gathered using sustainable beekeeping methods.
  • Great for your health! Our natural wild honey is packed with antioxidants and micronutrients.
  • Pesticide free, GMO-free, and certified 100% organic.

A product of Tanzania or Uganda. Bottled, packed in Canada.

How To Use It
  • Brew tea hot or cold add a teaspoon of honey!
Additional Info
  • Infants under one year of age should not be fed unpasteurized honey.
  • All-natural honey will crystallize. To liquefy, heat in warm water to 45C/115F.
  • Our bottle, cap, and label are 100% recyclable.

Pure Tanzanian Certified Organic honey

Natural dried Hibiscus flower tea 


Honey - Net Wt. 12.35 oz / 350 g
Hibiscus - Net Wt. 1.41 oz / 40 g