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How To Fundraise

We know how much effort goes into fundraising and we want to make it as easy as possible for you. So, we have developed a step by step guide that can be customized for your school, class or group. Your fundraising campaign will take off! 

Follow the steps below for a super successful campaign!

Take Ownership and Select Your Organizers!  Take Ownership and Select Your Organizers!

  • Appoint an Event Organizer to take charge of your fundraising campaign
  • Then build your team and get everyone to set a personal goal.

    If everyone understands what they are doing, your campaign will be easier to organize.

    Set Your Goals! – If you can see your target, you will hit it!  Set Your Goals! – If you can see your target, you will hit it!

    • How much do you plan to raise?
    • What will the funds be used for?
    • What is the length of your campaign?

      Once you know these basics the rest will fall into place…

      Be Positive AND Realistic!  Be Positive AND Realistic!

      • An order-taker campaign over a month period will be far more successful than a one night, pop up table at an assembly.
      • A campaign that is too long may lose momentum, a three to four week campaign is usually ideal.

        Promote, Promote, Promote!  Promote, Promote, Promote!

        • Tell the story of the African Bronze Honey Project and your participation in helping to train beekeepers as often as you can.
        • Share your campaign through social media and email
        • Get everyone involved! Mom, dad, grandparents and neighbours, email or text to share the campaign with your relatives and friends far and wide.
        • Direct them to buy from our online store, get it delivered to their door and still support your campaign.

          Earn Big Profits!  Earn Big Profits!

          We have created very special pricing for fundraising groups like yours. Our main task is to sell as much honey as possible on behalf of the 6000 beekeepers. We’ve made our prices attractive so that you can reach your fundraising goals faster.

          Enjoy Your Honey!  Enjoy Your Honey!

          Remember that this is fun too! Don’t forget to put some honey on it… it’s great on your morning cereal or with a banana at breakfast! Try some on a bowl of ice cream or create your own recipes and experiment with ‘a taste of Africa’! Don’t forget to post your recipe ideas on your fundraising page!

          Sign up right now and ask us for more details!