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Honey Drop Lozenges – Box of 12

Great for scratchy throats. Our African Bronze Honey in a "hard candy" lozenge. Expect that rich, smoky, toffee, treacle African Bronze flavour. Organic, ethical and addictive! 

They're WILD! And they Work! Good for what ails you!
  • Each and every African Bronze Honey pastille contains 1/3 pure organic honey!
  • Our pastilles are made for us by a certified Kosher, ‘nut free’, family-owned facility that has been in business for over 40 years.
  • Socially Responsible & Empowering. 



  • Net Wt. 30 g/ 1.058 oz
  • Contains 12 Hard Honey Pastilles


  • A Honey Drop will dissolve in about a minute in a hot cup of coffee or tea… make sure it’s a fair trade beverage! An ethical, organic, ‘on the go’ sweetener.
  • They are a favorite of the King Bee. He talks a lot and this pastille helps him talk even more. Some things work too well!
  • Crush a few Honey Drop pastilles and sprinkle the cracklin’s on your favorite ice cream… we recommend Ben & Jerry’s (‘cause they’re a B Corp like us)… mmm. 


  • African Bronze Honey*
  • Dehydrated Cane Juice*
  • Tapioca Syrup*

    *All of our ingredients are Pesticide Free, GMO Free, Certified Organic, Sustainable.


    • Our boxes and wrappers are 100% recyclable.
    • We use non-toxic, vegetable inks.
    • Please recycle.

    Made in Canada  A product of Canada.

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