April 22, 2016

Friends. Friendships have been the cornerstone of relationships since we were children. Early on we developed relationships with others, formed connections, had fun together, and did cool things that we wouldn’t have been able to accomplish alone. When I was a kid I built a jump on a toboggan run with my friend that was so large and terrifying we played rock paper scissors to see who was going to be the first to test it out and see if it was safe. I played rock, lost, and went first. I survived the run, though I probably lost a half inch of height in my back.

As we grew-up each of us developed multiple circles of friends, and time to time we introduced each other to one another, growing our network of friends, and meeting people that we wouldn’t have met on our own.

With the success of a business frequently being based on relationships with other business and people, having friends in business and across your industry can certainly offer a competitive edge. Being a B Corp offers a great way to meet other people in business. Every organization who is a certified B Corp is pre-qualified through the assessment process, and shares likeminded values in how they operate a business.

With B Corps gaining popularity, there is a lot of talk about the effects on long term financial performance in companies looking to include a triple bottom line, as let’s face it, it does cost money to be a better corporate citizen and do good. Though what are often left out of the mix are the benefits of being a B Corp can bring; friendships and networking opportunities can and do bring additional business relationship opportunities, and it adds extra credibility to customers. Plus friends and B Corps both make the world a better, happier place to live for everyone involved. And after all the dollars and cents are tallied, aren’t we all striving to maximize happiness? These are just a few of the benefits B Corps can bring to the world, and I can’t wait to see how B Corps grow and mature into realizing this common goal.


Note from African Bronze:

Scott has served tirelessly with the African Bronze Honey Company for the last 18 months.  In that time he has put our financial and administrative house in order. No small task in a chaotic startup that kept its initial bookkeeping on the back of a honey soaked napkin! Scott turned his hard earned MBA into gold for us and truly made us accountable and stable.

 You did the books… your product was empowerment!

Thank you Scott, from your friends at the African Bronze Honey Company!

 Scott Honeywell moves forward as a loan manager promoting sustainable housing at the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation.


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