Monster Mask with African Bronze Honey

October 28, 2016

Before I started working at African Bronze I used to make natural cosmetics. My switch to natural cosmetics began many years ago when I finally had enough with the drugstore. I began to notice a lot of things wonderful things; no more filmy feeling left on my skin, real smelling products, and feeling empowered by knowing what ingredients go into my body.

I make a lot of the cosmetic products that I use everyday by buying clean, natural ingredients and mixing them up as needed. Honey is an incredibly versatile ingredient for your skin and has so many uses; it’s not just for putting on toast!

I look forward to my weekly habit of sitting down with a book and/or movie and/or glass of beer with a monster green face mask; it helps improve circulation, feels luxurious, and keeps my skin in tip top healthy shape. And it’s so simple. 

This week I encourage you to whip up a batch and give yourself a 10-minute break with a honey mask! 

 3 Ingredient Honey Mask:

apple cider vinegar, green clay and African Bronze Honey

This super simple mask is made with only 3 ingredients:

  • apple cider vinegar (ACV)
  • green clay
  • honey!

You do not need to measure very carefully, I would mix about 50/50 with the clay and the honey and then mix in the ACV slowly until it’s a nice smooth consistency. 

Some tips:

  • Mix it in a glass jar with a sealable lid and it lasts for quite a while.
  • Clay can react with metal, so use a chopstick or something wooden to mix
  • You can sub out the apple cider vinegar with floral water or even water if you want a gentler mask.
  • You can also add in essential oils for more skin healing punch

Green Clay:

Personally, I like the monster look when masking, so the green clay is my go to. Though some people find green clay a bit harsh, it is great for oily skin. You can also use pink clay or white clay, each have slightly different properties for your skin. 

Apple Cider Vinegar:

ACV is another magic multi-use ingredient. This stuff acts as a purifier and balances the natural pH of the skin. It’s also a gentle exfoliator and clears away dead skin cells. Squeaky clean!

African Bronze Honey:

Honey is the moisturizing agent in your mask; it is a humectant and has the amazing ability of drawing in water to your skin. Honey is also antibacterial and can help clear up any blemishes. When masking you can use any honey you have around the house, but African Bronze Honey is my first choice… and not just because I work here. Here’s why! African Bronze Honey is a wild-harvested, organic, raw honey, so it contains no trace of nasty chemicals and that all of the good stuff is still full power. African Bronze Honey is a very dark honey, which means it is even more packed with antioxidants and minerals than lighter honeys. This stuff is pure gold (I mean bronze) for your skin.

Apply a good layer all over your face and sit there and enjoy yourself. I like to wash it off before its completely dry so that your skin really drinks up the extra moisture.

So that’s it! Enjoy the power of making your own face mask out of ingredients that are easily found in your home or local health food store. Let this be the start! Keep exploring! We would love to hear what other cosmetics you have made with your African Bronze Honey!

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