African Harvest

April 25, 2014

In an age when we communicate every thought, idea, and utterance through the internet via a connected social media world, it is difficult to conceive of doing without that type of communication. But if you live in a very, very remote place in Africa, you will not be on your twitter account for ‘what’s happening’. You will be sitting around a small battery or solar (if you are lucky) powered radio… a radio… that thing in the dashboard of your car, remember?

Cheap, simple technology that can send out new ideas, farm and gardening knowledge and training, practical information about how to get something more out of the meager resources available… with little or no infrastructure… or computers… or electricity for that matter.

That’s where Farm Radio International comes in. They create and make available the scripts and story ideas to local people and have them record and interview local people, speaking in their own language, explaining how to plant a new crop or manage a better flock of poultry… maybe even a little news of the world.

That’s Farm Radio International… for 35 years they’ve been harnessing the power of radio to make the world a little bit better for tens of millions of small scale African farmers. Delivering practical, relevant and timely information in 40 countries. It’s simple, and it works.

Want to learn more and have some great food prepared by award winning author chefs? Join us at Farm Radio’s African Harvest, A Celebration of Food and Farmers on May 1st at St. Brigid’s Centre for the Arts in Ottawa. Watch cooking demonstrations… sample local wine and beer. There’ll be auctions, great stories and some really neat people to talk to… with all proceeds from the evening going to support Farm Radio International.

We’ll be there… with one of the most delicious Zambian food products ever made…. African Bronze Honey! Changing the world… one bottle of honey at a time.

Farm Radio International. Changing the world… one radio broadcast at a time.

Please join us. Buy your tickets here, or buy them in person from Cardamom and Cloves spice shop on Preston Street.

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